What else does 413 represent?

Haydee Numbers4
Number 4

Number four represents the creation of God. God created us in His image. He gave us the authority over this land and also gave us gifts and talents. One of those talents is to create.

Haydee Numbers1
Number 1

Number one represents unity. There is beauty in being unified with God. It’s a relationship filled with discovery and adventure. Have fun with God while exploring new features about yourself.

Haydee Numbers3
Number 3

Number three represents completeness. Being whole is a goal to strive for, but not by alone. Allowing God to be your center brings in the pieces that were missing before. Let God accentuate the beauty that is already there.

Haydee Cosmetics

Haydee Cosmetics was born from a promise given by God. Haydee Irving, the owner is a lover of makeup and used makeup during her darkest hours to escape. The creativity became an outlet for her anger, anxiety and depression until God gave her a brand new perspective. God expressed to Haydee how her creativity could bring forth healing and restoration. He showed her prophetically that he would bless her with her own cosmetics line, a collection of pure products that would embody the boldness and strength of God. The birthing of Haydee Cosmetics could not have been possible without Abba, Jehovah

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