Haydee Cosmetics

Haydee cosmetics was birthed out at the end of a war. Haydee, the owner, started to do her makeup at the age of 11 years old. She started by taking black eyeliner, lined her eyelid, and water line it made her feel beautiful and bold. She continued to explore with bright eyeshadows and would wear a different color everyday. She enjoyed creating with makeup and soon it became an outlet from her hidden emotions.

Haydee struggled with anger, depression, and anxiety. She was broken seeking for love. She never believed she would make it out of High School alive but, God intervened. At 19, she accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and began to learn more about herself.

God challenged her to see her beauty without makeup. She didn’t wear makeup for an entire year. At first, it was difficult for her she felt insecure and realized she had an unhealthy relationship with makeup. But then her perspective began to shift. She began to see how beautiful she was and enjoyed seeing her face without makeup.

A year later, she started to wear makeup again and truly found joy in her creativity. She didn’t see makeup as an outlet anymore but she saw it as a gift.

A gift that could bring healing and restoration. What people saw as a talent God saw as a tool for the Kingdom. That is when her passion for makeup escalated and in 2016, God promised Haydee her own makeup line. At first, it seemed impossible because she was still growing in her confidence of God’s power.

In 2018, Haydee attempted to start her makeup line but there were so many stumbling blocks. She didn’t believe that such a beautiful promise could be her portion. So she gave up on the promise of God. But God would not allow her to give up.

In 2020 God opened up the door for Haydee Cosmetics to finally be born. A lot of times we receive promises from God and walk away when things gets hard or when we don’t believe in ourselves. Hindering ourselves until we reach our lowest point.

Being at your lowest in the battlefield gives you time to strategize for the next move. In that position God imparts into us and pushes us into victory. 

Through God’s strength we can conquer all stumbling blocks and make it to the promise.

Our Declaration

Haydee Cosmetics will bring forth creativity, healing, and restoration. We declare in the name of Jesus that whenever you use any of our products that you will feel different from the inside out. We speak life to the dry bones and pray that you will see your beauty. That you will learn to explore new things about yourself. That you will experience transformation in all areas of your life. We declare in the name of Jesus that you will experience joy, love, peace, and hope.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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