Birthing A Business In 2020

OooooOOwweeee its been a year… 2020 started with me making a vision board and putting on there all the goals I wanted to try and accomplish for 2020. One of them was to “Start working on Haydee Cosmetics”.
I honestly half heartedly put that on there.

See, I tried to start Haydee Cosmetics back in 2018 and that was filled with a lot of disappointments because nothing went at all the way I was hoping it would.

But here we were in 2020 and Haydee Cosmetics was back on the vision board. I started working on it and I debated on changing the name and the branding all around, that’s how disappointed I was about the first time around…

While I was trying to “rebrand” I had a moment of pondering and realized that I didn’t truly want to change anything I was just disappointed. So after dealing with my disappointment… I went back to the original blue-print of Haydee Cosmetics and it just flowed. I had website, social media branding, and what I wanted to launch in the matter of 3 days.

I was so excited! I launched with pre-orders and I was so amazed and thankful for the response. A month passes by, and I’m still on cloud nine couldn’t believe that in the middle of a pandemic I was able to launch a successful makeup line.

Second month passes by and I start to realize that I have to continue pushing by marketing, uploading content, and networking. Sales started to slow down and I started to feel discouraged. I knew I had to start working on the Fall Collection but I wasn’t feeling that same high from before. I felt like I just needed to get something done so that we could keep pushing forward.

The Fall Collection hasn’t exploded anything like the Summer Collection did. I definitely knew I was taking a risk by choosing the colors I did but I went with it.

Fall Collection has taught me so much. I lost my passion. I forgot why I stepped into cosmetics in the first place. I love makeup and love being creative with it. And I want every single person that purchases from Haydee Cosmetics to have an amazing experience with each item.

I also learned, that some of the things I launch will be a hit and others not to so much. I need to learn to have grace with myself. Its my first business ever and I am a first generation entrepreneur. I am a trailblazer setting the foundation of a Christ Centered Makeup Line. A line that represents God in creativity but also in areas like this…


What am I doing now to move forward and continue to grow?

Well I go back to the beginning of how it all started.. having fun with make up and just creating… I am going to be uploading more content of me having fun and exploring in new makeup, makeup techniques, and in the process I will launch products and services.

I am building something here and may have started little rocky but its time to get back on track and push Haydee Cosmetics to be everything it was designed to be.

So I invite you on this journey with me. Thank you so much for your support! I love you guys. Stay encouraged and LET’S CREATE!

Haydee Irving

CEO of Haydee Cosmetics

Birthing A Business In 2020

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